Reform Scotland News: 10 August 2012


All newspaper references refer to Scottish editions. Where there is a link to a newspaper’s website, the relevant page reference is highlighted and underlined.

In addition to the newspaper stories outlined below, further news coverage can be found online at BBC News Scotland, STV News and Sky News


SNP and Nato: A senior SNP MSP John Wilson has launched another attack on the party to try to retain its policy of opposition to Nato, due to Nato’s reliance on nuclear weapons as well as its dominance by the United States which could lead to an independent Scotland’s involvement in issues such as Afghanistan. (Scotsman page 8, Daily Express page 9, Daily Record page 8, Sun page 12, Herald page 1 Courier page 19)

Fringe not just about money: The Edinburgh Festival Fringe chief executive has declared that staging a show is not just about the profit, but other potential benefits such as raising public profile, increasing media attention, as well as seeing and learning from other world class productions. While some have concerns over the Fringe after having to pay a great deal just to secure a slot, others call it an investment due to benefits received. (Scotsman page 17)

Scottish Voters hold balance: George Kerevan in The Scotsman comments on how Scots in the Corby constituency will play a large part in determining David Cameron’s future.

Salmond and celebrities: The SNP First minister Alex Salmond has reportedly demanded tickets for the Black Watch play so he can entertain celebrities and persuade them to support the Yes Campaign for Scotland’s Independence Referendum. (Scotsman page 6, Times page 14, Daily express page 9, Courier page 23)


Trade Gap: Britain’s economy has been hit by another blow as the country’s trade deficit is growing. The gap between imports and exports has risen to £4.3 billion in June, and not just within the troubled euro zone. This, after the revised growth forecast, will put even more pressure on the government’s economic plans. (Scotsman page 1)


12 hour wait: The number of emergency patients who have had to wait 12 hours to be seen by a doctor has doubled in four years. Labour said that the cuts to the number of nursing staff down from 58,428 to 56,467 were a factor, while the Scottish government hit back that the “vast majority” of patients were seen within a few hours. The Scottish government was also criticised for obsessing over the independence referendum and neglecting the every day running of Scotland. (Scotsman page 1, The Times page 14, Daily Express page 12, Daily Record page 8, Sun page 12, Herald page 1 P&J page 6)

Megrahi cancer drug for NHS: The cancer drug, Abiraterone, which was used to keep the Lockerbie bomber alive for an extra 2 years and a half, may be approved by the Scottish Medicines Consortium for use within the NHS to treat prostate cancer. While Scotland is the only part of the UK where patients have been previously denied the medicine by the SMC due to cost, this may change with resubmission of the application for use of the drug.(Scotsman page 7, Daily Record page 8, Herald page 4, P&J page 20, Courier page 17)

Scots Hospital world class: Scotland will become home to the most up-to-date facilities in the world after the £90 million lab has been completed at Glasgow’s Southern General Hospital as well as five other sites within Greater Glasgow and Clyde area. (Scotsman page 15 )