Third Rate – Record


By Magnus Gardham

ALEX Salmond was hit by another blow as independence slipped to third choice in a poll yesterday.

The Mori survey for the Devo Plus Group says just 27 per cent back a split from the UK.

It comes days after another Mori poll said more than half of Scots rejected independence.

Devo Plus’s poll suggested 41 per cent backed their plan to give Holyrood greater financial powers.

A further 29 per cent favoured the existing devolution deal.

Ben Thomson, chairman of Reform Scotland, the think-tank who fund Devo Plus, said: “This poll is further proof of what we have suspected for some time.

“The debate is not adequately serving the people of Scotland because it is largely ignoring their preferred way forward.

“Most Scots have identified the key problem with the current devolution settlement – that the Scottish Parliament are not properly accountable for raising the money which they spend.”

Under devo plus, Holyrood would become responsible for raising all the cash they spend.

The Devo Plus Group want pro-UK parties to adopt the plan, rather than have it put as a separate option in the referendum.

Labour MSP Patricia Ferguson MSP said: “This poll really makes the case for devolution.

“Scottish Labour will continue to support and campaign for ways of strengthening devolution.”

The first Mori poll showed the yes vote had sunk to 35 per cent – down four points from the last time the question was asked in February.

The no vote was up five points to 55 per cent.