Commission on School Reform Interim Report


In November 2011, the think tanks Reform Scotland and the Centre for Scottish Public Policy set up the Commission on School Reform to consider whether the school system in Scotland is meeting the present and future needs of young people and to make specific recommendations as to how things might be improved or areas that require further enquiry.

Keir Bloomer, a former Executive Director of Education was asked to chair the commission which included a broad range of individuals including teachers, politicians, parents as well as individuals from higher and further education and business.

Today (22 June 2012) we have publised the commission’s interim report which details the findings of the work undertaken over the past few months, which tried to assess the current state of Scottish school education and decide what implications that assessment has for its further work.  The commission’s final report, with its recommendations, will be published towards the end of the year.

The Commission on School Reform is continuing to accept written evidence up until 29th June 2012. If you have not done so and wish to submit evidence, please send responses to These should be no more than six sides of A4 in length and sent electronically, wherever possible, and in Microsoft Word format.  Further information can be found.