Backing for more powers – P&J


The majority of people are in favour of more powers for the Scottish Parliament over independence, a new poll has revealed.

Seven out of 10 people quizzed in an Ipsos Mori poll want Scotland to remain in the UK with just 27% opting for independence.

A total of 41% of those polled said Scotland should remain with increased powers, as outlined in the Devo Plus proposal, while 29% wanted no change to the current devolution settlement.

The poll was carried out for the authors of the Devo Plus proposal, the Reform Scotland think-tank. Chairman Ben Thomson said: “This poll is further proof of what we have suspected for some time – the current debate on Scotland’s constitutional future is not adequately serving the people of Scotland because it is largely ignoring their preferred way forward.”

Scottish Tory deputy leader Jackson Carlaw said the poll adds weight to the argument that Scotland should remain in the UK.

Labour MSP Patricia Ferguson said: “Devolution, of whatever flavour, is not a stepping stone on the way to independence, so before we decide how best Scotland’s place in the UK develops, we need to decide whether or not we are part of the UK.”

Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie said: “Support for increased powers for the Scottish Parliament is good news for those who argue for home rule.”

A Scottish Government spokesman said they were confident of getting a Yes vote in the independence referendum.

“Nonetheless, the Scottish Government recognise that there is support in Scotland for a ‘more powers’ option in the referendum, and it is important that this issue and all the other aspects of the consultation are given proper consideration.”