Reform Scotland News: 3 May 2012

All newspaper references refer to Scottish editions. Where there is a link to a newspaper’s website, the relevant page reference is highlighted and underlined.

In addition to the newspaper stories outlined below, further news coverage can be found online at BBC News Scotland, STV News and Sky News. 



Alex Salmond: The First Minister came under pressure over phone hacking yesterday after he repeatedly refused to disclose whether he had been a victim of phone hacking by journalists at the News of The World.  He also ruled out a Scottish inquiry into the practice (Scotsman page 1, Tom Peterkin in the Scotsman, Herald page 6, Times page 1, Daily Telegraph page 14, Alan Cochrane in the Daily Telegraph, Daily Express page 2, Sun page 2, Daily Record page 2, P&J page 11, Scottish Daily Mail page 2, Courier page 27, Independent page 27)


Donald Trump: US tycoon, Donald Trump has written to Alex Salmond warning him Scotland can “never” become independent under his leadership as wind farms will ruin the country’s tourism industry. (Scotsman page 5, Herald page 6, P&J page 15, Scottish Daily Mail page 25,  Courier page 12)



Scotland’s city centres: A number of companies, including The Body Shop, Santander and Superdrug, have launched legal battles against councils across Scotland in a bid to bring down their non-domestic rates.  They claim that as the current rates were calculated in 2008, before the extent of the downturn became apparent, they should be reduced. (Herald page 1)


Age related personal allowances:  Nearly 60,000 more Scottish pensioners than first thought will be hit by the coalition government’s decision to freeze age related personal allowances according to new figures published by the Treasury which show the so called granny tax will impact 423,000 pensioners in Scotland by 2015-2016. (Herald page 2)


Local Government

Polls open for local elections: Local elections are being held in Scotland today. Political activists will spend nearly 17 hours trying to mobilise voters, with a particular focus on Glasgow where both Labour and SNP believe they have a chance of victory. Scotland will be the only part of the UK where people queuing at 10pm will still be able to vote afterwards, in a bid to prevent the chaotic scenes from the 2010 election when such voters were turned away without being able to vote. (Scotsman page 1, Ross Martin in the Scotsman, Tavish Scott in the Scotsman, Herald page 7, Iain MacWhirter in the Herald, Angus Macleod in the Times)



Lockerbie summit: The Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland has flown to Libya to meet the Libyan Prime Minister to discuss the investigation into the Lockerbie bombing. The meeting is said to have paved the way for UK and Scottish Police to travel to Libya to continue their investigations. The Crown Office and Fiscal Service said the meeting, which took place on April 25th was not publicised for security reasons (Scotsman page 11, Herald page 9, Times page 12, Daily Express page 4, P&J page 29)



Alzheimer’s disease: Eating fish and other foods containing omega-3 fatty acids may lower the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, scientists have found. (Herald page 14)