Reform Scotland News: 27 April 2012


Reform Scotland

Daily Political Newspaper Summary: 27 April 2012

All newspaper references refer to Scottish editions. Where there is a link to a newspaper’s website, the relevant page reference is highlighted and underlined.


In addition to the newspaper stories outlined below, further news coverage can be found online at BBC News Scotland, STV News and Sky News. 



First Minister’s Questions: Alex Salmond reportedly received criticism at First Minister’s Questions yesterday over his dealings with Rupert Murdoch and Donald Trump. Mr Salmond claimed he was trying to protect Scottish jobs, a claim which was scorned by opponents. There is comment on the consequences of this whole matter. (Scotsman page 4, Joyce McMillan in the Scotsman, Courier and Advertiser page 18, P&J page 12, Times, Express page 9, Mike Wade in the Times, Guardian page 13, Mail page 8, Sun page 10, Express page 4, Alan Cochrane in the Telegraph, Telegraph page 1)


Rupert Murdoch: Rupert Murdoch told the Leveson inquiry that he had failed to understand the full extent of illegalities at the News of the World, and ‘panicked’ when he shut it down. He claimed that he was a victim of the affair, as it had left a ‘serious blot’ on his reputation. (Scotsman page 6, C&A page 16, P&J page 12, Times page 1, Guardian page 1, Mail page 8, Sun page 10, Telegraph page 8)


Walker appeal: Bill Walker issued a statement that he would appeal his expulsion from the SNP following allegations of domestic abuse. (Scotsman page 9, C&A page 19, Telegraph page 7)


Cameron support for renewables: In his first comments on environmental issues for two years, David Cameron called renewable energy vital for the UK’s future, but warned that it must be financially sustainable. (Scotsman page 10, P&J page 10)


Centralised power: Labour MSP Sarah Boyack claimed that the SNP has centralised power and that local elections present a chance to express opinions about local government. She cited phone masts, wind farms and the single police force as examples of centralisation. (Scotsman page 14)



Fuel strike: Last night union leaders urged fuel tanker drivers to reject the latest deal offered after 8 days of talks. (Scotsman page 1, P&J page 16)


Weakening housing market: High end home sales (over £1 million) have fallen by 11 per cent since 2010, while Scotland’s total home sales fell by 6 per cent. (Scotsman page 17, C&A page 24)


Consumer debt: The national debt collection association Credit Services Union has released a report that unpaid consumer debt has increased by £6 billion in the last 6 months to £58 billion, or £1,000 for every person in the country. (Scotsman page 18)



Gastric band operations: Doctors have called for more gastric band operations to prevent a “diabetes time-bomb” that could bankrupt the NHS. (Daily Record page 2)



Rail delays: Engineering work over the May bank holidays will mean that some trains between Edinburgh to London may be delayed by an hour. (Scotsman page 13)