“Voters back revenue powers for Holyrood” – Telegraph


The majority of people from across the political spectrum believe Scotland should be responsible for raising most of the money it spends, according to a survey.

The research group Reform Scotland asked a series of questions about the possible third option of “devolution plus” that could be invluded in a vote on independence.

More than 86 per cent of those questioned online backed this middle option, which would remove the block grant funding that Scotland recieves from Westminster and make Holyrood solely responsible for raising the money it spends.

Ben Thomson, chairman of Reform Scotland, said “It is becoming increasingly obvious that the general public want a greater ability for Holyrood to raise revenues to better match its spending responsibility whilst at the same time many still value the relationship with the rest of the UK.”

An Ipsos MORI survey from September suggested 67 per cent of people would vote Yes for more laws, duties and all tax-raising powers while keeping Scotland in the UK, if a referendum were held tomorow, while only about 35 per cent would back independence.