Scotland’s Economic Future


Scotland’s Economic Future is edited by the noted economist Professor Sir Donald MacKay, who was an advisor to successive Scottish Secretaries over three decades as well as a consultant to both private and public sector organisations.

This book examines various issues surrounding Scotland’s economic future and how that relates to the debate surrounding the constitution.  This issue is bound to dominate the next few years leading up to the independence referendum and Reform Scotland believes that this book is a very important contribution to the debate about Scotland’s future.

The book’s contributors are:-

  • Professor John Kay: Is recent economic history a help?
  • Professor David Simpson: An environment for economic growth: is small still beautiful?
  • Jim and Margaret Cuthbert: GERS: where now?
  • Professor Drew Scott: Scotland Bill: way forward or cul-de- sac?
  • Professor David Bell: The Scottish economy: seeking an advantage?
  • Professor Andrew Hughes Hallett: Optimal monetary arrangements for Scotland: adopt which money and why?
  • Professor John Kay: What future for Scottish banking?
  • Keith Skeoch: The Scottish financial services sector after the global financial crisis: Celtic eagle, sparrow, lion or hare?
  • Professor Alex Kemp: The great North Sea oil saga:  all done or still unfinished?
  • Ben Thomson: Is there a need for a Scottish Exchequer?
  • Professor Sir Donald MacKay: What does Home Rule mean for economic policy?



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