All newspaper references refer to Scottish editions. Where there is a link to a newspaper’s website, the relevant page reference is highlighted and underlined.


In addition to the newspaper stories outlined below, further news coverage can be found online at BBC News Scotland, STV News and Sky News.



Riots: Riots continued in London and Birmingham last night and spread to other areas including Manchester, Liverpool and Nottingham.  Foreign governments have reportedly warned their citizens that visiting the UK is dangerous while England’s friendly football match against the Netherlands, due to take place at Wembley tonight, has been cancelled to free up police officers.   A 16-year old is due to appear in court in Glasgow today after posting a message on Facebook allegedly inciting others to start a riot in Glasgow. (Scotsman page 1, Ruth Sherlock in the Scotsman, Roger MacGinty in the Scotsman, John McTernan in the Scotsman, Allan Massie in the Scotsman,  Herald page 1, Kate Devil in the Herald, Ian Bell in the Herald, Times page 1, Richard Kemp in the Times, Emma Duncan in the Times, Dan Snow in the Times, FT page 1, Record page 1, Sun page 6, Guardian page 1, Simon Jenkins in the Guardian, Mail page 1, Express page 1, Telegraph page 1, Mirror page 2, Courier page 1, P&J page 1)


MPs have been recalled to parliament following the riots. (Scotsman page 5, Guardian page 5, Courier page 6)


Scottish Tory leadership: Jackson Carlaw, a Scottish Conservative MSP for the West of Scotland, has become the first MSP to confirm he is standing for the Scottish Tory leadership.  It is reported that he will stand on a platform of “this far and no further” with regard to the powers of the Scottish Parliament. It is reportedly expected that Murdo Fraser and Ruth Davidson will also enter the race to replace Annabel Goldie. (Scotsman page 10)



Housing: Almost two thirds of homes sold in Edinburgh and the Lothians over the past two years have been sold for a price below their valuation according to the ESPC. (Scotsman page 11)


Share price losses:  Shares in banks part-owned by the taxpayer continued to lose value yesterday.  The Royal Bank of Scotland was down 4% at 26.2p.  Shares in RBS have lost a quarter of their value in the last two weeks.  Lloyds fell 2% to 32.1p.  (Herald page 1)


Scottish water strike: More than 2,000 Scottish Water staff are considering industrial action after rejecting a pay freeze. (Scotsman page 20, Herald page 10, Sun page 2)


Manufacturing: UK manufacturing output dropped unexpectedly in June.  Output fell 0.4% on the previous month according to the Office for National Statistics.  Exports in June also fell, causing the UK’s trade deficit to widen.  (FT page 2, Record page 9, Guardian page 14)


Bank lending: Loans to small firms have fallen to record lows.  Just £449 million was lent in April according to the British Bankers’ Association.  This is the lowest amount ever recorded in April, and is half the amount lent in the same month in 2008.  (Mail page 17 )



Lockerbie:  The Lord Advocate in charge of Scotland’s prosecution service at the time of Abdul Baset Ali al-Megrahi’s trial has hit out at claims the Libyan bomber was wrongly convicted.  Lord Boyd of Duncansbay said allegations that the Crown Office had influenced judges were “ludicrous”.  (Times page 1)




Concessionary bus travel:  The Labour party in Scotland has called for bus companies which defraud the concessionary bus travel scheme to be “named, shamed and prosecuted”.  It has been alleged operators have been deliberately issuing false tickets to claim higher fares. (Herald page 6, Telegraph page 14)



Drug-related deaths: There were 485 drug related deaths in Scotland in 2010 according to official figures released yesterday. This represented a drop from 545 in 2009 but is still about seven times higher than the European average. (Scotsman page 12, Herald page 7, Times page 11, Sun page 2, Mail page 16, Express page 10, Telegraph page 14, Courier page 9, P&J page 9)