Reform Scotland News: 11 July 2013


Daily Political Newspaper Summary: 11 January 2013

All newspaper references refer to Scottish editions. Where there is a link to a newspaper’s website, the relevant page reference is highlighted and underlined.


In addition to the newspaper stories outlined below, further news coverage can be found online at BBC News Scotland, STV News and Sky News



Royal Mail Privatisation: Union leaders have warned the government they will not be able to “buy off” postal workers with free shares. The threat of strike action reportedly continues to loom should the government push ahead with its plan to privatise the Royal Mail. (Scotsman Page 8, Herald Page 2, FT Page 1, Jonathan Eley in the FT, Bill Leckie in the Sun, Dan Hyde in the Telegraph, Telegraph B 1, Express Page 7, Daily Record Page 6, Times Page 35, Courier Page 13, P&J Page 18, Guardian Page 6)


Saltire: The Prime Minister has criticised the First Minister for waving a Saltire during Andy Murray’s Wimbledon Victory. (Scotsman Page 3, Michael Kelly in the Scotsman, Herald Page 1, Telegraph Page 1)


BBC payoffs: BBC Trust chairman Lord Patten has expressed shock at the amount of senior staff at the BBC given sizable payoffs that breached guidelines. (Scotsman Page 19, Herald Page 6, FT Page 4, Sun Page 2, Telegraph Page 9, Express Page 23, Times Page 6)


Welfare reform: Changes to benefit payments and the planned national rollout of the Universal Credit scheme will reportedly involve only six areas. (Herald Page 5, FT Page 4, Telegraph Page 8)


Party donations: David Cameron has reportedly snubbed Ed Miliband’s proposal to introduce a £5,000 cap on individual donations to political parties. (Herald Page 6, FT Page 4, Telegraph Page 12, John Mcternan in the Telegraph)


Unionist case: David Cameron and Alistair Darling are reportedly going to make British identity the centre of the Unionist case against independence. (Telegraph Page 1, Express Page 8, Times Page 8, Courier Page 14, P&J Page 14)


MPs pay rise: MPs are to be offered a 10% pay rise in exchange for smaller pensions and expenses. Pay will increase by more than £6,500 after the next election. (Telegraph Page 2, Times Page 15)



Economy recovering: A report from the Scottish Chambers of Commerce reveals an improvement in business confidence compared with last year. The survey suggested that the worst of the economic crisis is over and a fragile recovery has finally begun. (Scotsman Page 1, David Bell in the Scotsman, Herald Page 26, Courier Page 31, P&J Page 12)


Banks stronger: Ratings agency Moody’s say UK banks are now strong enough to face another crisis. (Scotsman page 4, Erikka Askeland in the Scotsman, Herald Page 26, FT Page 18, Express Page 51)


Tax evasion: HMRC has warned that Scottish fishermen evading tax face heavy fines and potential prison sentences as part of crackdowns. (Herald Page 1)



Pension reforms: Pension reforms will hit younger generations, with those born after the mid-1980s to receive less state pension. (Herald Page 8, Express Page 2)



Flight Tax: Edinburgh Airport has claimed that air passenger duty is an increasingly unjustifiable tax that is causing damage to the economy. (Telegraph Page 12, Courier Page 32)


Local government

Scottish housing: Housing supply in Scotland is not keeping up with demand, with Watchdogs warning it could be 20 years before enough homes are built to keep up with projected population growth. (Herald Page 11, Times Page 2)