\”Call to break up Scots exams quango\” – Sunday Express


By Ben Borland

The quango responsible for examinations in Scotland should be broken up, according to a new report from a leading think tank.

Reform Scotland claimsd the Scottish Qualifications Agency (SQA), which employs 750 people in Glasgow and Midlothina, is not doing its job well.

In a hard hitting report due out tomorow, it says "As well as acting as and awarding body the SQA is also responsible for accrediting qualifications, which is a conflict of interest."

he think tank will say the testing work should instead be done by Scottish Government officials, while the awarding part of teh body would become a fully independent charity.

It also recommends the Scottish Funding Council – which distributes £1.7billion to colleges and universities – should be axed altogether.

Earlier this year, Reform Scotland called for a \’bonfire of the quangos\’.

The Power to Learn report goes further to identify the first two quangos it believes should be on Alex Salmond\’s hit list.  It also calls for leagal measures to force traditional universities, such as St Andrews, to accept students switching from a HNC or HND course.

It states: "If (universities) are willing to take public money to pay for a student\’s education, there should be a condition of grant that they are unable to discriminate against such students."

Another recommendation will be that school pupils working towards their Standard Grades, from the age of 14, should be able to study at the school of college of their choice.