Reform Scotland

Daily Political Newspaper Summary: 5 May 2010

All newspaper references refer to Scottish editions. Where there is a link to a newspaper’s website, the relevant page reference is blue and underlined. 

In addition to the newspaper stories outlined below, further news coverage can be found online at BBC News Scotland, STV News and Sky News.


General Election

Tories in Scotland: As David Cameron visited Scotland yesterday for the second time during the campaign a new YouGov Poll carried out in Scotland for the Scotsman shows the Conservatives in fourth place on 17%, which would likely lead to only one MP. The poll said only 1 in 7 would welcome a Tory-Liberal alliance in the event of a hung parliament while almost half would like a Labour-Liberal coalition. The same poll showed the SNP drop to third place. (Scotsman page 1, James Mitchell in the Scotsman, David Maddox in the Scotsman, Interview with David Cameron in the Scotsman) 

Lib Dems in Scotland: Nick Clegg yesterday urged voters in Glasgow to ditch their historic loyalty to Labour, arguing Labour has betrayed them. (Herald page 6, Daily Telegraph page 9, Press and Journal page 10, Daily Express page 7) 

Coalition: The Democratic Unionist Party have said that their MPs would formally back David Cameron, to help the Conservatives get an outright majority in Parliament if he protects the region from this year’s spending cuts. (Daily Telegraph page 1) 

Labour candidate: Manish Sood, the Labour candidate in North West Norfolk described Gordon Brown as the “worst Prime Minister we have had in this country”. (Scotsman page 9, Herald page 1, Daily Telegraph page 8, Press and Journal page 11, Daily Express page 5) 

Tactical voting: Ed Balls yesterday called on voters to support “progressive” parties and vote tactically.  However, later in the day the Prime Minister contradicted this message asking Labour voters to vote only for Labour. Ian Bell of the Herald argues a tactical vote is a no vote in which you sacrifice your right to participate fully in a representative democracy. (Scotsman page 8, Herald page 6, Daily Telegraph page 6, Courier page 1, Press and Journal page 1, Times page 1, Guardian page 1, Daily Mail page 9) 

Scottish Cuts: SNP leader Alex Salmond has accused David Cameron of planning to steal Scotland’s money in his refusal to clearly state his plans for the Scottish budget. (Herald page 9, Press and Journal page 10, Daily Record page 7) 

Bond markets: Peter Jones in the Scotsman comments that Alistair Darling, Vince Cable and George Osborne may have to act immediately following the election to calm the bond market. George Osborne in the Financial Times rejects suggestions that the Conservative deep cuts could spark Greek-style social unrest. 

Scotsman opinion: The Scotsman’s editorial comments that the paper “regrettably” cannot back any of the four main parties. Page 30 and 31 also includes comments from Brian Monteith backing the Conservatives, Duncan Hamilton backing the SNP, Michael Kelly backing Labour and Sam Ghibaldan backing the Lib Dems. 

Celebrity Endorsement: Simon Cowell is publicly backing David Cameron and the vote for Conservative’s change in the Sun today. (Sun page 1, Daily Express)                                                                                                                                   


House sales: The number of houses sold across Scotland between January and March 2010 has increased by 24.3% on the same period last year. (Scotsman page 12, Herald page 3, Courier page 11, Press and Journal page 9) 


Volcanic ash: Scottish airspace is closed again today due to the volcanic ash cloud. (Scotsman page 2, Herald page 1, Daily Telegraph page 1, Courier page 1, Press and Journal page 1, Times page 16, Guardian page 7, Daily Mail page 4, Daily Record page 2, Daily Express page 1) 

Taxi Licences: Five cab firms have been denied licences in a move to end criminality in the private hire and taxi trade, this follows legislation introduced last year by the Scottish Government. (Herald page 13) 

Bus Fares: Scotland’s biggest bus firm is planning to trial cheap bus fares for the unemployed in Glasgow. (Herald page 13) 


Human Trafficking: Senior police officer Gordon Meldrum has warned that at least ten organised crime gangs are involved in human trafficking in Scotland and that up to one quarter of child asylum seekers found unaccompanied in Glasgow may have been the victims of trafficking. (Herald page 4) 


Dementia: Studies have shown that husbands and wives of people with dementia are six times more likely to develop the condition themselves. (Herald page 3, Daily Mail page 5) 

Breast Cancer:  The Health and Safety Executive has calculated that 2,000 women in the UK contract breast cancer due to working nightshifts. (Herald page 5)