Daily Political Media Summary: 14 January 2010


All newspaper references refer to Scottish editions. Where there is a link to a newspaper’s website, the relevant page reference is blue and underlined.



Beauly to Denny line: Yesterday Energy Minister Jim Mather was attacked by opposition politicians for not making it clear to Parliament that in approving the whole of the Beauly to Denny power line he had gone against recommendations made by the public inquiry reporters. (Scotsman page 6, Herald page 1, Express page 14, Mail page 2, Times page 13, P&J page 1, Courier page 12)


Costs of the winter weather: The Federation of Small Businesses has estimated that the prolonged winter weather is costing £600million a day. (Scotsman page 10)


Exports: Scotland’s manufacturing exports grew for the first time from July to September 2009, the first growth for two years according to statistics released by the Scottish Government. However there was a 12% annual drop in figures. (Scotsman Business 2, Herald page 32, Times page 13, P&J page 11)


RBS: Financial Services Secretary to the Treasury, Lord Myners, told MPs yesterday that RBS had to accept it was part of the “political world” after complaints from the bank about interference. (Herald page 32)



Swine flu: A child with an underling health condition is the 66th person to die from swine flu in Scotland. (Scotsman page 8, Express page 17)


Obesity: Deaths linked to obesity in Scotland have increased by more than a third over the past five years. (Scotsman page 12, Sun page 24, Express page 4, Mail page 33)


C Difficile: NHS Tayside has been urged to tighten up procedures for cleaning and infection control at Ninewells hospital following the deaths of five patients in an outbreak of the Clostridium difficile bug. (Scotsman page 18, Record page 36, P&J page 6, Courier page 1)


Alcohol pricing: Andy Burnham, the UK Health Secretary, has said he backs minimum pricing for alcohol and is pushing for it to be included in Labour’s general election manifesto.  Such a move could cause embarrassment to the party in Scotland which has opposed the SNP’s similar proposals. (Telegraph page 1)


Local Government

Housing:  Hamish Macdonell in the Mail questions why the SNP government wants to end right  to buy in Scotland.



Aberdeen by-pass: Opposition politicians have cast doubt on the funding of the proposed Aberdeen city by-pass which could cost £400m. (Scotsman page 19, P&J page 7, Courier page 9)


Renfrew Ferry: The last ferry service across the Clyde may end due to budget cuts within Strathclyde Partnership for Transport. (Herald page 9, Sun page 2, Record page 29)


Roads spending: Labour and the Conservatives have called for the Scottish Government to consider private sector partnerships to pay for the impact of the longer winter on Scotland’s roads. Many of Scotland’s councils are expecting their winter maintenance budgets to be double what they planned for and could rise to a national figure of £100m. (Herald page 12, Mail page 8, Record page 4, P&J page 8)



Shooting: Kevin Carroll, a gangster described as one of Scotland’s worst criminals, was shot dead in a supermarket car park in Glasgow yesterday. (Herald page 1, Scotsman page 7, Sun page 1, Express page 7, Mail page 10, Record page 1, P&J page 9, Courier page 1)



School vouchers: Scottish Conservatives have called for school vouchers to be introduced to give parents greater choice over the education of their children and to raise standards across the board. (Times page 18, Magnus Linklater in the Times)



Trade union party: Trade unionist Bob Crow is proposing to establish a new left wing political party to stand against Labour at the general election. (Scotsman page 21)


Independence: Ian Scarr-Hall in the Scotsman argues that independence would benefit both England and Scotland.


Home internationals: Scottish Secretary Jim Murphy has called for a return of the friendly internationals between Scotland and England. (Herald page 3, Sun page 2, Mail page 3, Times page 19, Record page 2)


Michael Russell: Police are investigating whether emails sent to Education Minister Michael Russell from his former employee and SNP blogger, Mark MacLachlan, amount to blackmail. (Herald page 9)


Spin doctors: The SNP is planning to change the law to remove the rules which state that no more than 12 special advisers can serve Scottish Ministers. (Sun page 2, Express page 14, Record page 2)


Labour coup: Seumas Milne in the Guardian comments that although Gordon Brown survived the coup, in many ways it succeeded as the Blairites are now back in charge.


Alex Salmond: The First Minister is to hold regular televised press conferences in the run up to the General election. (Telegraph page 4, Alan Cochrane in the Telegraph)