Scotland should have its own treasury, Calman told – Scotsman


David Maddox
Scotsman, 21.11.08

Scotland should raise its own taxes and have its own chancellor a think-tank said yesterday.

The right-of-centre Reform Scotland has put a submission to the Calman Commission with proposals its says will make MSPs in Holyrood more accountable and responsible.

It wants the UK and Scotland to adopt a similar model to that used inSpain, where two parliaments are ultimetely responsible for raising the money for their own budgets, while still working together.

Initially it would mean tax revenues are assigned to Scotland, but later it envisages the Scottish Government taking control of taxes following negotiations with Westminster.? This would mean people would be taxed seperatly by the two governments, with the UK government raising its £20billion for reserved services in Scotland and Holyrood raising £30billion for the devolved budget.

Reform Scotland claims the outlay for setting up a Scottish treasury would not be high, although it has yet to cost the proposal.? It believes it would lead to lower taxation and less spent on public services in Scotland.

Ben Thomson, of Reform Scotland, said: \”The Scottish Parliament\’s almost total reliance on the block grant limits its accountability.? It provides no incentive for politicians to come up with innovative ideas to boost economic growth of improve public services, because hoever poorly the economy rolls in.\”

Its views have been presented to the Calman Commission, which is looing at devolution ten years on.