Daily Political Media Summary: 6 October 2008


All newspaper references refer to Scottish editions.

Savings: The UK government is under further pressure to guarantee 100% of depositors’ savings after it emerged that Germany had announced it would guarantee all private savings. (Scotsman page 7, Sun page 6, The Press and Journal page 11, The Guardian page 1, The Times page 1, Daily Mail page 1, Express page 7, FT page 1, Herald page 1, Telegraph page 1)

Banking crisis: Further comment and analysis on the banking crisis. Alistair Darling has ruled out interfering with the independence of the Bank of England to address the current crisis, while the Treasury is reportedly drawing up plans to take shareholdings in the biggest high street banks. (David Cameron in the FT, Herald page 6, Telegraph page 1, Jeff Randall in the Telegraph, Tom Little in the Scotland on Sunday, David Smith in Ecosse Sunday Times, Eamonn Butler in the Scotsman, Bill Jamieson in the Scotsman, Anatole Kaletsky in The Times, Daily Mail page 7)

Unclaimed benefits: There is estimated to be about £4.6bn unclaimed benefits, credits and allowances which should be claimed by pensioners. (Scotsman page 14)

Interest Rates: The bank of England is widely expected to cut interest rates to amid fears that the UK economy is heading for a recession. (The Courier page 1, Daily Mirror page 7, Daily Record page 1, FT page 3, Jeremy Peat in the Herald, Telegraph page 4)

42 day detention: The proposal that Gordon Brown was preparing to make over holding terror suspects for 42 days is to be dropped after it was said that it would be defeated in the House of Lords. (The Times page 3)

Barlinnie’s Methadone Queues: Barlinnie jail doesn’t have space for any more prisoners because the staff can’t supply the inmates with methadone quickly enough. Methadone is given to heroin addicts in an effort to wean them off the drug. (The Sunday Post page 1)

Youth crime: The number of young offenders who blame alcohol on their crimes has almost doubled in the past 30 years. (Herald page 1)

Landslip risk on A9
: The high risk of landslips on one of the vital routes through the Highlands reinforces the need for the roads to be improved. (Press and Journal page 1, The Courier page 11)

Curriculum: Teachers are calling for the new school curriculum to be delayed amid fears it will be impossible to implement under the current timetable. (Scotsman page 6)

School Meals: Half of Scottish councils cannot afford the Scottish Governments plan to distribute free school meals without extra funding. (The Press and Journal page 13, The Courier page 3, Daily Record page 4, The Sunday Post page 16, Telegraph page 11)

: Serious doubts have been raised about the legal competence of the Scottish Government’s proposals to set minimum prices for alcohol, with experts warning the plans could face challenges under EU competition law, UK competition law and judicial review under the Scotland Act. (Scotsman page 1)

Testicular cancer: Researchers have revealed that a common form of testicular cancer can be cured with a single jab of chemotherapy. (Scotsman page 10, Telegraph page 11, Daily Record page 12)

Cap on Drug Cost: The head of the Scottish drug rationing body declared that the NHS should not spend unlimited amounts to extend peoples live for weeks or months. (Press and Journal page 1, Scotland on Sunday page 1, Kate Foster in the Scotland on Sunday)

Breast Cancer Vaccine: Researchers have said enough is known about the source of breast cancer to make a vaccine a real possibility. (The Guardian page1)

Jack McConnell: The former First Minister is to take up a new part-time role as special envoy for the Prime Minister on conflict resolution. He will not now take up the role of High Commissioners to Malawi until at least 2011, putting off a by-election in his Motherwell & Wishaw constituency. (Scotsman page 12, Sun page 2, Press and Journal page 5, The Times page 5, Daily Record page 4, Daily Mail page 5, Herald page 6, Express page 2, FT page 2, Telegraph page 14)

Cabinet reshuffle: Comment on Gordon Brown’s cabinet reshuffle and the return of Peter Mandelson and Jim Murphy’s appointment as the new Secretary of State for Scotland. After being returned to the cabinet in the recent reshuffle Mr. Mandelson has had to deny that he was badmouthing Gordon Brown at a dinner in Corfu with Tory George Osborne. David Cameron suggested that Mandelson has become a running joke within the Tory Party. (Leo McKinstry in the Express, FT page 2, Herald page 6, Telegraph page 2 and page 6, Sunday Herald page 2, Iain Macwhirter in the Sunday Herald, Scotland on Sunday page 9, Jonathan Oliver et al in the Sunday Times, Martin Ivens in the Sunday Times, Sun page 8, Scotsman page 12, Jackie Ashley in The Guardian, The Guardian page 6, The Courier page 14, Daily Mirror page 6, George Galloway in Daily Record, Daily Record Page 2, Daily Mail page 10, The Sunday Post page 14, Press and Journal page 5, Daily Mail page 5)

John Prescot: Was seen giving the two finger salute to SNP activists as they cheered on the new Glasgow East MP John Mason. (Sun page 2, Daily Record page 2, Daily Mail page 4, Express page 6, Herald page 6, Telegraph page 14)

Emails: All telephone calls, emails and text messages in the UK will be monitored under new Government plans. (Express page 1)

Scottish Tories: Jenny Hjul in the Sunday Times (page 21) comments that the Scottish Conservatives should present more radical policy ideas.

Iain Gray: Gillian Bowditch in Ecosse, Sunday Times (page 5) comments on Iain Gray’s background.