Daily Political Media Summary: 1 October 2008


All newspaper references refer to Scottish editions.


HBOS: Shares in HBOS fell yesterday wiping about £1bn of the value of the bank prompting fears that its takeover by Lloyds TSB would be killed off. (Scotsman page 1, Bill Jamieson in the Scotsman, Herald page 1, Alf Young in the Herald, Times page 1, Mirror page 9, Express page 1, Telegraph page 6 and B1, Guardian page 1, Nils Pratley in the Guardian)

Savings: Alex Salmond yesterday urged the Chancellor to follow the Irish Government’s example and guarantee the safety of all UK bank customers’ savings. The UK Government has agreed to increase the limit from £35,000 to £50,000. (Scotsman page 5, Times page 42, David Wighton in the Times, Mirror page 2, Mail page 1, Telegraph page 1, FT, Guardian page 1, Courier page 1)

Banking crisis: Gordon Brown promised last night that the government would “roll up its sleeves” and sort out the banking crisis. The Prime Minister also blamed the US for the current crisis and said America had a duty to fix it. (Times page 6, Anatole Kaletsky in the Times, Mirror page 10, Express page 4, Record page 2, Tracy Corrigan in the Telegraph, Sun page 1)

Economic outlook: George Kerevan in the Scotsman (page 31) comments on wider issues affecting the economy. (FT)

Euro: Will Hutton in the Guardian (page 30) comments that joining the Euro may help the UK address the current financial crisis.

Prison overcrowding:
The head of the Scottish Prison Service yesterday warned that hundreds of prisoners could have to be released from under emergency powers to address acute overcrowding. Mike Ewart told MSPs that the prison estate, designed for 6,000 inmates, could not hold more than 8,126 without risking riots. (Herald page 1, Scotsman page 9, Times page 3, Express page 2, Record page 11, Telegraph page 8, Courier page 1)

Crime: Statistics released yesterday indicate a dramatic fall in recorded crime, with the Justice Secretary referring to them as the “lowest crime figures for 25 years”. (Lucy Adams in the Herald, Telegraph page 10, Courier page 7)

School buildings:
According to a Scottish Government report 15% of buildings in the school estate were given a good rating last year while 26% were given a poor rating. (Scotsman page 16, Burning issue in the Scotsman, Herald page 8, Mail page 12, Telegraph page 16, Courier page 9, P&J page 7)

Nursery education: Fiona MacLeod in the Scotsman (page 38) asks whether nursery teachers are actually needed.

Stroke victims:
An official audit published yesterday revealed that Scottish hospitals were failing to give stroke victims the timely care and treatment which could save lives. (Herald page 2, P&J page 9)

Lung cancer: Deaths from lung cancer among Scottish women have soared over the past decade. (Mail page 4)

MMR: Immunisation rates for the MMR vaccine among two-year-olds was 91.7% in the latest quarter to June 2008, below the recommended level of 95%. (Courier page 3)

Conservative Party conference:
Further coverage of the Tory conference in Birmingham. David Cameron will make his key note address to the conference today. David Cameron yesterday offered to suspend political hostilities to help the government deal with the banking crisis. Party leaders in Scotland yesterday said that the Conservatives will not win over Scotland until David Cameron has won an election and banished the legacy of Thatcherism. (Scotsman page 16, Ross Lydall in the Scotsman, Times page 20, Herald page 6, Times page 20, Mirror page 8, Express page 8, Mail page 24, Allan Massie in the Mail, Telegraph page 12, Simon Heffer in the Telegraph, Guardian page 14, FT, Courier page 1, P&J page 8)

Glenrothes and Motherwell: Labour party bosses are apparently hoping to hold the Glenrothes by-election and the by-election in Motherwell and Wishaw, needed to allow Jack McConnell to quit as an MSP and take up his role as British High Commissioner to Malawi, on the same day. (Express page 18)

Iain Gray: The Sun (page 13) interviews Iain Gray, the new leader of the Scottish Labour group of MSPs.