Daily Political Media Summary: 17 September 2008


All newspaper references refer to Scottish editions.

Banking crisis: Further coverage on the banking crisis in America and its impact on the UK. The past two days have seen the worst losses for the FTSE since July 2002 and have wiped £93bn off leading UK Shares. Yesterday HBOS fell 22% and the FSA tool the unusual step for issuing a statement supporting the company. There are fears that 100,000 banking and finance jobs could be lost over the next year due to the downturn. (Scotsman page 8, Herald page 1, Ian Bell in the Herald, Record page 6, Sun page 6, Guardian page 1, Nils Pratley in the Guardian, Simon Jenkins in the Guardian, Times page 1 & page 6, David Wighton in the Times, Courier page 1, P&J page 1 & page 10, Mirror page 1, Martin Wolf in the FT, Express page 1, James Bartholomew in the Express, Telegraph page 1, Tracey Corrigan in the Telegraph, David Freud in the Telegraph, Simon Heffer in the Telegraph, Mail page 1, Alex Brummer in the Mail)

Inflation: UK inflation measured on the CPI index rose to a 16-year high of 4.7% in August. Mervyn King, the Governor of the Bank of England has warned that inflation could increase further to 5%. (Herald page 2, George Kerevan in the Scotsman, Guardian page 4, Times page 47, Courier page 2, P&J page 10, Mirror page 5, FT page 7, Telegraph page 4, Mail page 2)

Scottish retail: The Scottish Retail Association has reported that Scottish retailers recorded their worst August sales figures for three years as shoppers turn to “value” products and cut back on non-essentials. Tesco and Asda have reportedly cut food prices to stop consumers switching to discount chains. (Scotsman page 32, Guardian page 25, Times page 15, P&J page 10)

Apprenticeships: John Park MSP in the Scotsman (page 38) comments on his private members bill which aims to establish a right to an apprenticeship for suitably qualified 16 to 18 year olds.

House prices: Scotland continues to buck the UK trend in house prices. Across the UK annual house price growth fell for the ninth month in a row in July, although there is still a positive growth in Scotland, the north-west, east and south-east regions. (Herald page 3)

Petrol prices: The AA has said that falls in the world price of oil are not being reflected at the costs of petrol. (Herald page 2)

Two leading experts on the Lockerbie trial have called for a public inquiry to be carried out to reinvestigate the tragedy. (Scotsman page 13, Herald page 8)

Nutritional supplements for young offenders: Inmates at Polmont Young Offenders Institution are being recruited as part of a trial involving young offenders receiving nutritional supplements in order to cut reoffending. (Herald page 5)

Deaths caused by the superbug Clostridium difficile increased by 40% in 2007 compared to 2006. (Scotsman page 11, Herald page 10, Record page 2, Courier page 6, P&J page 17, Express page 2)

School inspections:
Teachers are to grade the quality of their own work as part of an overhaul in the way school standards are measured. (Herald page 1)

Local Government
Inverclyde council: Inverclyde Council is seeking 600 to 700 redundancies in order to close a £10m finding gap. (Herald page 10)

Aberdeen City provost: Scotland’s youngest ever deputy-provost, SNP councillor John West, has been urged to step down after deciding to cut back his civic duties so he can return to university. (Sun page 2, Record page 15, Times page 22, Courier page 8, Express page 10, Telegraph page 10)

Labour leadership: Yesterday Scottish Office Minister and former loyal Labour MP David Cairns resigned his post and became the most senior person to call on Gordon Brown to stand down as Labour leader. Further comment and speculation are rife over whether further ministers will follow and resign in protest over Gordon Brown’s leadership. Glasgow North MP Ann McKechin has taken over David Cairns post. (Scotsman page 1, Gerri Peev in the Scotsman, Herald page 1, Herald page 7, Michael Settle in the Herald, Record page 1, Sun page 1, Guardian page 6, Times page 3, Courier page 1, P&J page 1, Mirror page 6, FT page 8, Express page 7, Telegraph page 1, Mail page 4)

Scottish Labour party: Comment on the announcement of Iain Gray’s shadow cabinet announced yesterday including two new comers, John Park and Richard Baker, who take on the economy & skills and justice roles respectively. (Scotsman page 6, Herald page 7, Record page 2, Sun page 2, Times page 3, Courier page 3, P&J page 9, Mirror page 6, Express page 7, Telegraph page 14, Mail page 4)

Lib Dem conference: Further coverage of the Lib Dem conference. Nick Clegg is expected to make his first conference speech as leader later today, though yesterday committed a ‘gaff’ when he said the UK pension is £30 a week when it is actually £90.70 for a single person. A recorded message from Nick Clegg is to be used this morning to cold call 250,000 UK households tonight to tell them about the Lib Dem’s policies. (Scotsman page 14, Ross Lydall in the Scotsman, Herald page 6, Guardian page 13, Times page 16, Daniel Finkelstein in the Times, P&J page 13, Telegraph page 12, Mail page 26)

Salmond & the Queen: Alan Cochrane in the Telegraph (page 14) comments on Alex Salmond’s meeting with the Queen at Balmoral yesterday.