Daily Political Media Summary: 3 July 2008


All newspaper references refer to Scottish editions.


Scottishpower signs biggest Scots coal deal: Scotland’s coal industry was given a major boost yesterday with the signing of a £700m contract to supply the Longannet power station. (Scotsman page 33, Herald page 1, Daily Record page 2, Daily Mail page 10, Sun page 4, Financial Times page 4, Courier page 3)

M&S loses one quarter of value in single day’s trading: more than £1.2b was wiped off the value of Marks and Spencer yesterday as its shares plummeted 25%. (Herald page 34, Scotsman page 8, Daily Record page 12, Daily Mail page 19, Daily mirror page 9, Daily Express page 8, Times page 1, Daily Telegraph page 4, Guardian page 3, Sun page 8, Financial Times page 1, Press and Journal page 15)

Electronics drives Scots exports to 2.3% rebound: Scotland’s engineering sector, notably the electronics industry, drove a 2.3% rebound in the country’s manufactured exports during the first quarter of this year. (Herald page 33, Press and Journal page 20, Courier page 9)

OECD predicts rise in unemployment: A respected international economic agency, OECD, forecast yesterday that the UK faces a 100,000 rise in unemployment during the next two years amid lower economic growth. (Herald page 33, Daily Mail page 2, Daily Telegraph page 4, Guardian page 25, Financial Times page 11)


SNP told bid to cut inmates will result in criminals avoiding prison: almost 15,000 criminals will avoid prison every year as a result of new sentencing plans, Labour warned yesterday. (Daily Record page 6, Sun page 8)


Funding urged to ensure new teachers given full time jobs: Headteachers yesterday called for more funding to ensure that newly-qualified teachers find permanent jobs in Scotland. (Herald page 12)


Failure to improve Scottish healthcare: a 38% pay rise for Scottish GPs over three years has failed to reduce health inequalities or improve access for patients. (Scotsman page 1, Times page 17, Daily Telegraph page 8, Press and Journal page 9)

Record number of pensioners diagnosed with C diff bug: a record number of pensioners have been diagnosed with the bug Clostridium Difficile in Scotland, a report revealed yesterday. (Herald page 2, Daily Mail page 11, Daily Express page 9, Daily Telegraph page 9, Courier page 14)

Fears over plans to twin island health boards with mainland: Scotland’s three island healthboards are to be twinned with mainland authorities at senior management level in a controversial move away from island independence. (Herald page 1)

‘Social Agenda’ will allow patients to shop around Europe for healthcare: New rights for patients to shop around Europe for the best healthcare are part of a new ‘Social Agenda’ launched in Brussels yesterday. (Herald page 6, Financial Times page 7, Press and Journal page 11)


Glasgow East by-election: Gerald Spence (Herald page 17) and Melanie Reid (Times page 23) comment on the Glasgow East by-election.

Lib Dem leader quits: Nicol Stephen last night resigned suddenly and unexpectedly as the Scottish Liberal Democrats’ leader. ( Scotsman page 11, Herald page 1, Daily Record page 2, Daily Mail page 2, Daily mirror page 15, Daily Express page 2, Times page 5, Daily Telegraph page 1, Sun page 1, Press and Journal page 1, Courier page 1)

Brown defeats Tories over fuel duty: a conservative attempt to amend the UK government’s finance bill and block controversial plans to increase car tax was defeated last night. (Herald page 6, Daily Express page 1, Telegraph page 1, Guardian page 4, Financial Times page 2, Courier page 2)

Nationalists attacked over Gaza jibe in Glasgow East by-election: Labour denounced as “crass” and “cheap” a contrast the SNP made between the Scottish seat and the strife-torn Gaza Strip. (Herald page 6, Daily Mirror page 14, Daily Telegraph page 6)

Hain hopes to clear his name over donations: Peter Hain said he hoped to see his name cleared “as quickly as possible” yesterday after police handed prosecutors the results of their investigation into his Labour Party deputy leadership campaign. (Scotsman page 9, Herald page 6, Daily Record page 2, Guardian page 4)

Brown accused of ‘grubby deal making’ over 42 day deal: it emerged yesterday that a Labour MP was told he would be ‘appropriately rewarded’ for his support for the government’s controversial anti-terror measures. (Press and Journal page 9, Courier page 6, Daily Telegraph page 1)