Daily Political Media Summary: 3 June 2008


All newspaper references refer to Scottish editions.


Price Fixing Allegations: The Office of fair Trading (OFT) has launched a probe to investigate the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and Barclays over the cost of commercial loans. (Herald page 1, Scotsman page 6, Guardian page 25, Sun page 38)

Banking crisis: £4billion was wiped off the value of high street banks yesterday following Bradford and Bingley’s bleak profits warning and fears over increasing mortgage arrears. Yesterday the RBS and HBOS launched a £12bn and £4bn rights issue respectively. (Daily Mail page 1, Alex Brummer in the Daily Mail, Times page 6, Daily Express page 1, Guardian page 23, Sun page 6, Tracy Corrigan in the Telegraph, Scotsman page 29)

Oil revenue: Further coverage of Alex Salmond’s demands for a share of the windfall of higher oil revenue due to increasing oil prices. (Telegraph page 8, Alan Cochrane in the Telegraph)

Taxes: Polly Toynbee in the Guardian (page 29) comments that Labour should not be abandoning its traditional policies and bowing to tax cuts.

Home Energy Devices: Small scale energy devices in the home such as solar panels could take the equivalent of taking all lorries and buses of the road in just 12 years a new report has stated. (Scotsman page 7)

Trump: Donald Trump will be in Aberdeen nest week to give evidence to a public inquiry about his controversial plans to build two championship golf courses in the area. (Daily Record page 9)

The Euro: Willem Buiter (FT page 15) writes that there is now no compelling case for the UK not to join the Euro.

Mortgage Approvals: Since they peaked in 2006, mortgage approvals have more than halved according to the Bank of England. (FT page 4)

Food Shortages: In the Herald Douglas Fraser (page 13) states that the food shortages currently seen could reshape the political landscape. The crisis has been heightened by the recent upsurge in the price of oil.


Bebo’ Swoop: Police have swooped on 182 youngsters throughout central Scotland after identifying youths through the social networking site Bebo. Footage of youngsters portraying violence, possession of weapons, racism, sectarianism and links to drugs were all found on the site. (Scotsman page 13)

Drug Strategy: Further coverage of the Scottish Government’s new drug strategy which includes a booklet to be issued to 750,000 homes urges families to “face up to the dangers of drugs”. (Daily Mail page 10)

Drug treatment and testing orders: New drug treatment and testing orders (DTTO) are to be tested at courts in Lothian and the Borders over the next two years. (Daily Mail page 10)

Bobbies on the beat: Grampian Joint Police Board Convenor, Lib Dem Councillor Martin Greig, is expected to tell the Parliament’s Justice Committee today that the public have a clear desire to see more police on the beat. (P&J page 4)


Heathrow: Service levels at Heathrow are a ‘national embarrassment’ claimed Giovanni Bisignani, director general of the International Air Transport Association yesterday. (FT page 1)


Double Strike for Schools: The threat of a double strike is looming, after teachers warned of striking over cuts to council education bills and also to the length of time taken in reducing class sizes. (Herald page 2)


Supermarket alcohol: Young people’s health is being put seriously at risk by the cheap price of supermarket alcohol. (Scotsman page 11 and 25)

Patients to be tested for MRSA: 3 Scottish health boards are to take part in a pilot scheme in which all patients admitted to hospital be tested for MRSA in a bid to stamp out the superbug. The 3 health boards will be Ayrshire and Arran, Western Isles and Grampian. (Scotsman page 17, Herald page 4, Sun page 2)

Healthy eating: After the launch of the Scottish Government’s new healthy eating campaign, Hamish Macdonell states that Scotland has been separated by those who will take heed of the new campaign and those who will ignore its message. (Scotsman page 24)

Flying Doctor: The Scottish Government has approved £1.5m for an 18 month test project into the UK’s first ‘flying doctor’. The service will operate on the west coast and aims to bring the services of a fully equipped emergency department to those suffering illnesses or injuries. (Herald page 4)

Public to elect Health Boards: The first ballots for those being elected to Scotland’s health boards could take place by 2010 according to Health Minister Nicola Sturgeon. If passed the bill will be a UK first. (Herald page 1)


Dungavel: Human rights campaigners and churches are calling for the closure of Dungavel Detention Centre. They state it is unacceptable to have woman and children locked up in a centre they have likened to Guantanamo Bay. (Scotsman, page 1, 4, 5 and 25)

Detention Without Charge: Gordon Brown has refused to back down over his plans to hold terror suspects for 42 days despite facing a major Commons backlash over the issue. (Scotsman page 8, Daily Record page 4, FT page 2, Courier and Advertiser page 2, Herald page 6, Daily Mail page 2, Times page 11, Rachel Sylvester in the Times, Daily Express page 14, Guardian page 11, Michael White in the Guardian, Sun page 2, Telegraphpage 1, Peter Clarke in the Telegraph, P&J page 8)

Targets set on Website: Indicators to see whether Scottish government are hitting targets on a whole raft of measures has been launched at a cost of £1m. (Daily Record page 2, Courier and Advertiser page 6)

Culture body: Plans to merge the Scottish Arts Council and Scottish Screen have been criticised by the Scottish Parliament’s Culture Committee which said the proposals lacked clarity. (Times page 17)