Think tank recommends more services run locally – The Herald


Robbie Dinwoodie
The Herald, 14 April 2008

Radical decentralisation of public services resulting in more locally-run, accountable provision would unlock greater value for money, according to a think tank report.

Reform Scotland claims that despite a huge increase in government spending over the past 10 years, improvements in public services have failed to keep pace with those in other European countries. "While there are many aspects of public services in Scotland of which we can be proud, our research clearly shows that with the right approach we have the potential to do very much better," said Reform Scotland chairman Ben Thomson The think tank\’s report, Power for the Public, looked at education, health and policing provision. In policing, it says Scotland can learn from the New York experience where crime rates have been slashed thanks largely to radical decentralisation, greater local accountability and zero tolerance. Read The Herald article here.