Reform Scotland is a public policy institute or ‘think tank’ which was established as a separate Scottish charity, completely independent of any political party or any other organisation and funded by donations from individuals, charitable trusts and corporate organisations. Its objective is to set out policies in Scotland that deliver increased economic prosperity and more effective public services based on the traditional Scottish principles of limited government, diversity and personal responsibility.

Reform Scotland has an Advisory Board to agree its strategic goals and philosophical approach and a separate Board of Management (Trustees) to oversee its day-to-day running. Advisory Board is chaired by Alan McFarlane and the Trustees are chaired by Sinclair Dunlop.

Geoff Mawdsley is the Director of Reform Scotland and Alison Payne is the Research Director.

Reform Scotland’s policies cover the following broad themes:

• Better and more accountable government
• Greater devolution within a federal UK
• Shared prosperity based on a dynamic economy
• Stronger local communities
• Modern, high quality infrastructure
• Effective and responsive public services

If you would like to support Reform Scotland or learn more about its activities please contact Geoff Mawdsley on 0131 524 9503 or email Geoff.Mawdsley@reformscotland.com.